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Unknown Studio, LLC has been creating literature and content for more than two years. Owned, operated, and founded by a military veteran, my business produces music and video materials with honesty, integrity, and care at all times.

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Collaborative Creations

I have been able to produce roughly 20 songs in about five weeks and 20 YouTube videos in a day, all while ensuring the uniqueness of my work. I also collaborated with a talented artist for four weeks, where we created lyrics for an original track.

Out-of-the-Box Concepts

I experiment with a variety of styles and genres, exploring new ways to create beautiful pieces of music and literature others will be sure to enjoy. My goal is to push the bounds of conventional entertainment and become a multi-faceted entertainer across various categories.

Light-Hearted Entertainment for All

One of my objectives is to spread messages of hope, love, and acceptance to media enthusiasts of all ages. That is why I make sure every video and song I create is always fun, light, and of high quality.

Let’s Talk Music and Literature

If you’re interested in learning more about my work as a writer and content producer, reach out to me today.

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